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          Notice for Mid-Autumn festival holiday 2013 year

          Date:2013-09-17 13:01:24Hits:2173font-size:T|T

          Dear Customers,

          With the arrival of the Mid-autumn festival, our office will be closed from Sep 19, to Sep 21, 2013. 

          If you would like to know the progress of production or have requirements on products, kindly contact us.

          Miss. Liu    sales@www.mmoviez.com 

          Cell: +0086-189 1527 2882

          Mr. Lu  export@www.mmoviez.com

          Cell: +0086-151 9025 7143

          We will response asap. 

          Background about the Mid-Autumn Festival

          It is a chinese traditional festival.

          Family members get together and enjoy the mooncake together. 

          For more info, please look through: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-Autumn_Festival