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              Three days off for The Dragon Boat Festival 2013

              Date:2013-06-04 13:47:10Hits:2092font-size:T|T

              Dear Valued Customers,

              From June.10- June.12, 2013, we will have three days off for the coming of The Dragon Boat Festival.

              During that time, our office is closed.

              Please feel free to contact us.


              Miss.Liu  sales@www.mmoviez.com

              Cell: +0086-189 1527 2882

              Mr.Lu  export@www.mmoviez.com

              Cell: +0086-151 9025 7143

              We will response asap.

              Background about the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

              It is in memory of Great man QuYuan.

              On that day, we will have series of activities like eating Zongzi, having Dragon-Boat Racing etc...


              Dragon- Boat Racing